How to Enable Features Google Now on Android Jelly Bean Android

Jelly Bean was first launched at the recent Google I / O Conference on June 28 last, what are the new features offered by the latest version of what Google says was built on the foundations of Ice Cream Sandwich. Google Now is the most favored of the version that carries this 4.1 android code.

Google Now give the right information at the right time. Information in Google Now presented in an information card that represents some kind of different information such as weather, location, sports scores, and so on. steps should be taken to enable Google Now for both phones and tablet devices running Android Jelly Bean:
  • Please scroll to the icon of a half circle or semi-circle that appears when the phone is in the locked position. 
  • After, you will be asked to set Google Now for the first time. You just select Next to display the message "Get Google Now". Please choose "Yes I'm In" to begin setting Google Now. 
  • To get the kind of information you are looking for, please select "Show Sample Cards", it will show the cards available information. 
  • select "settings" and drag the icon to the right to activate the card. 
  • In the "settings" there are some items that are tailored to the information of the selected card. For example, when you select the Weather or the weather, you can determine the location, notification, temperature unit used and "card Appears". Appears Card allows you to specify the desired appearance of the weather information at any time if, in the morning or in the evening. -->
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