10 new features in Android Jelly Bean

  1. Google Now 
    • Google Now touted as the most favored features of this android version 4.1. Now Google says it will provide users with information such as weather, location, sports scores, and so on. 
  2. Notifications 
    • increase from the previous version you receive sms message, then the notification bar will feature a selection of "quick reply" that allows you to instantly reply to messages without having to enter the message menu. You can also call directly by selecting the "phone". Meanwhile, when you receive an incoming email, then you can see a preview of the email. 
  3. Google's Assistant 
    • using the base features such as voice command feature Siri on the iPhone. You can send sms, email, call a friend and so on. To enable Google Assistant, please press the microphone icon located in the Google search box. 
  4. Face Unlock the liveness check 
    • Face Unlock on Jelly Bean is not new, since this feature has been introduced previously in version Ice Cream Sandwich. on the latest Android update, Google added a feature that requires users liveness check wink to unlock the screen. If the user does not wink, Jelly Bean will require you to enter a password or pattern according to the settings you make while Face Unlock feature is enabled. -->  
  5. Screen Capture 
    • To take a screen capture, you simply press the power button and volume bottom simultaneously. 
  6. Say it Offline 
    • You can convert speech into text without having to connect to the operator data connection or Wi-Fi. 
  7. Smart Widget 
    • When you place a widget to the main page, then the widget will be automatically shifted to make room for the new widget. 
  8. Turn off notifications for a specific application without removing
    • Jelly Bean on you to shut down the program without having to uninstall the application. 
  9. Rain Effect 
    • On Jelly Bean You can play around with the effects of rain is enough to go into the settings. Next go to about phone and did tap several times on Android Version information contained there. After that you will see a big Jelly bean, did tap several times until the Jelly Bean in large quantities you can swipe in different directions. 
  10. Barrel Roll 
    • You can do a barrel roll trick that is Google's effort to showcase the advantages possessed by the browser to show the effect it has rolled out a web page being visited like a wheel.
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