10 new features Android Key Lime Pie 5.0 OS

1. Performance Profiles

It's bit of a fuss managing your mobile before bed time. Switching off the sound, turning off data, activating airplane mode and so on, so what Android 5.0 really needs is a simple way of managing performance, and therefore power use, automatically.
We've been given a taste of this with Blocking Mode in Samsung's Jelly Bean update on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Note 2 but we'd like to see the functionality expanded.
Something like a Gaming mode for max power delivery, an Overnight low-power state for slumbering on minimal power and maybe a Reading mode for no bothersome data connections and a super-low backlight.
Some hardware makers put their own little automated tools in, such as the excellent Smart Actions found within Motorola's RAZR interface, but it'd be great to see Google give us a simple way to manage states.
Another little power strip style widget for phone performance profiles would be an easy way to do it.
android 5
Set telephone to BEDTIME SLEEPY MODE

2. Better multiple device support

Google already does quite a good job of supporting serious Android nerds who own several phones and tablets, but there are some holes in its coverage that are rather frustrating.
Take the Videos app which manages your film downloads through the Play Store. Start watching a film on one Android device and you're limited to resuming your film session on that same unit, making it impossible to switch from phone to tablet mid-film.
You can switch between phone and web site players to resume watching, but surely Google ought to understand its fans often have a couple of phones and tabs on the go and fix this for Android Key Lime Pie?

3. Enhanced social network support

Android doesn't really do much for social network users out of the box, with most of the fancy social widgets and features coming from the hardware makers through their own custom skins.
Sony integrates Facebook brilliantly in its phones, and even LG makes a great social network aggregator widget that incorporates Facebook and Twitter - so why are there no cool aggregator apps as part of the standard Android setup?
Yes, Google does a great job of pushing Google+, but, no offence, there are many other more widely used networks that ought to be a little better "baked in" to Android.

4. Line-drawing keyboard options

Another area where the manufacturers have taken a big leap ahead of Google is in integrating clever alternate text entry options in their keyboards. HTC and Sony both offer their own takes on the Swype style of line-drawing text input, which is a nice option to have for getting your words onto a telephone. Get it into Android 5.0 and give us the choice.
UPDATE: Google heard us and this feature appeared in Android 4.2.
Android 5 keyboard
P-U-T T-H-I-S I-N A-N-D-R-O-I-D 5-.-0

5. A video chat app

How odd is it that Google's put a front-facing camera on the Nexus 7 and most hardware manufacturers do the same on their phones and tablets, yet most ship without any form of common video chat app?
You have to download Skype and hope it works, or find some other downloadable app solution. Why isn't there a Google Live See My Face Chat app of some sort as part of Android? Is it because we're too ugly? Is that what you're saying, Google?

6. Multi-select in the contacts

The Android contacts section is pretty useful, but it could be managed a little better. What if you have the idea of emailing or texting a handful of your friends? The way that's currently done is by emailing one, then adding the rest individually. Some sort of checkbox system that let users scroll through names and create a mailing list on the fly through the contacts listing in Android Key Lime Pie would make this much easier.
Android 5 contacts
Make this a destination, rather than a never-used list

7. Cross-device SMS sync

If you're a constant SIM swapper with more than one phone on the go, chances are you've lost track of your text messages at some point. Google stores these on the phone rather than the SIM card, so it'd be nice if our texts could be either backed up to the SIM, the SD card, or beamed up to the magical invisible cloud of data, for easy and consistent access across multiple devices.

8. A "Never Update" option

This would annoy developers so is unlikely to happen, but it'd be nice if we could refuse app updates permanently in Android 5.0, just in case we'd rather stick with a current version of a tool than be forced to upgrade.
Sure, you can set apps to manual update and then just ignore the update prompt forever, but it'd be nice to know we can keep a favoured version of an app without accidentally updating it. Some of us are still using the beta Times app, for example, which has given free access for a year.

9. App preview/freebie codes

Something Apple's been doing for ages and ages is using a promo code system to distribute free or review versions of apps. It even makes doing little competitions to drum up publicity for apps much easier, so why's there no similar scheme for Android?
It might encourage developers to stop going down the ad-covered/freemium route if they could charge for an app but still give it away to friends and fans through a promo code system.

10. Final whinges and requests...

It's be nice to be able to sort the Settings screen by alphabetical order, too, or by most commonly used or personal preference, as Android's so packed with a huge list of options these days it's a big old list to scroll through and pick out what you need.
Plus could we have a percentage count for the battery in the Notifications bar for Android 5.0? Just so we know a bit more info than the vague emptying battery icon.
source http://www.techradar.com

Android Key Lime Pie

Android Key Lime Pie

Android Key Lime Pie
Android Key Lime Pie

One of the foremost eminent product Google ever created was the Android software package. It commenced little however currently, it’s the foremost used software package for phone on the earth. There ar additional sensible phones mistreatment android OS than the other software package. specifically the Android jelly bean software package was the foremost eminent to this point. That’s as a result of it's the newest one. however presently Google can unharness the new android OS referred to as the “Key Lime Pie”. it'll be the android 5.0 OS. Google names the android OS by order of letters from the alphabet. therefore you have got the android “Honey Comb” followed by “Ice Cream Sandwich” followed by “Jelly Bean”. currently comes the turn for K, “Key Lime Pie”.

Release Date Key Lime Pie

Everyone is inquisitive once the key lime Pie OS can begin. we all know that the key lime Pie android 5.0 software package are going to be unveiled  in might at the Google I/O conference. Shortly when Google can unharness the key lime Pie OS and therefore the long expected Nexus five. the release date is reported to be june vi. Google also will begin unveil a replacement Chrome book though it'll not run on android OS.

Features Key Lime Pie

One factor the android has been missing for a jiffy are some things on the dimensions of Apple’s Siri. Since Apple released Siri on its IOS devices android hasn’t return up with something that may match it. now round the android key lime Pie OS can bring the “Google Now” that could be a software system like Siri however even higher. Besides having act skills the Google currently will also learn it’s owners behavior and take a look at to predict what info its owner will want before they even wants it. as an example once you get out of the landing field the Google currently can automatically tell you wherever the taxis and different transportation is while not you even asking it.

Phones Key Lime Pie

The first smartphone to receive the the android key lime Pie are going to be the Nexus 5. Nexus 5 could be a Google phone and can so get pleasure from it’s privileges. though the future Samsung Galaxy S4 can accompany android jelly bean four.2.2 eventually it'll receive associate degree update of the Android Key Lime Pie OS. The Galaxy Note three on the opposite hand can accompany the android key lime Pie OS right out of the box.

Graphics Key Lime Pie

Although graphics largely rely on the hardware the software package key lime Pie OS is associate degree exception. The android key lime Pie OS can options new security and graphic software system that may increase the expertise of game performance. several users complain regarding the lag within the android OS and Google secure to repair it in key lime Pie OS.

Apps Key Lime Pie

Apps Key Lime Pie

Apps Key Lime Pie

Just like Apple doesn’t enable sure apps to be used on older IOS operating systems therefore too can Google. To incentivize individuals to change from older Google android versions Google can create some apps inaccessible to users with older versions of its software package.


Jakarta - the third largest operator in the United Sprint HTC showcase two new products. HTC Evo 3D (3D berdisplay Android phone), and HTC Evo View 4G (WiMax tablet plus CDMA).

Like the strategy of 'saving' in flushing HTC products. HTC Evo 3D is a 3D mobile version of HTC Pyramid. While the tablet HTC Evo View 4G is a CDMA version of HTC Flyer tablets.

As quoted from GSM Arena on Thursday (24/03/2011), 3D Evo has a 4.3 inch HD screen size with a 5 megapixel camera that can record images as well as a 3D stereoscopic video. 3D video can be recorded in 720p resolution, but for 3D images limited only by 2-megapixel resolution for several reasons.

The specification, equipped with 3D Evo dual-core processor 1.2 GHz with 1 GB of RAM, and running the Android OS 2.3 equipped with HTC Sense Gingerbread.

The plan will release the HTC Sprint Evo 3D in the summer of 2011. Unfortunately leaked price has not been revealed. In marketing these products Sprint also took Blockbuster on Demand that will be available to meet the needs of 3D movies

source: detikinet.com

Motorola Atrix 4G, Substitute Future PC?

Motorola Atrix 4G
The amount outstanding smartphone more and more and diverse. Latest models supported with sophisticated features and capabilities. But, if they really can replace your computer work in the future? It seems that Motorola's new optimistic if it will happen.We've heard the discourse since a decade ago. Marked with Nokia's breakthrough release "smart phones" and had named Communicator exploded in the early 2000's.However, we all know that a mini computer that can never replace the computer. But, what if a phone can have performance or data access level with a laptop? Are you really still need a computer? Preview Atrix 4G.Smart phone that looks this concise look so impressive. This time, Motorola was not kidding. Atrix 4G dimodali with NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core equipped with amenities sega. In the near future he will be operating at 4G network owned by AT & T.What are the advantages? To make it different from the existing ranks of Android smartphone, Motorola provides a capacitive touch screen TFT 16 million colors by 4 inches with a resolution of 540 x 960, more sharply than the iPhone 4 and the BlackBerry Storm 3. And, he has supported the HD (high definition).In addition, he has a camera capable of hi-res 5MP aufotocus its features and flash LED. And, most interesting is the dock as a backrest that will appear along with his cell phone.If attached to the dock, he will look like a laptop. When installed, Atrix 4G will be changed to "computer mode" and run the PC operating system interface, complete with Firefox, Adobe Flash, and so forth. In fact, users can also download PC applications such as in the real PC.If you need a wider screen, you can even connect it to TV or other large sailing media to run a computer process. Everything can be done with Atrix 4G.Atrix 4G network will be launched via AT & T in the first quarter of this. The price is still not announced. There is no official information relating Motorola marketing outside the U.S., including Asia Pacific or Indonesia.
source: vivanews.com
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