News, Android Dual Core LG Will Present in Early 2011

Waiting for the presence of Android phones LG dual core? Patience alone, LG Optimus 2X soon appear at the beginning of the year. LG itself has confirmed that. Debut of the double-brained phone will first appear in Europe. As quoted from Techradar, Friday (12/24/2010), Korean firms also confirmed the phone will be packaged with an exclusive ringtone composer Ennio Morricone. "Music will be packaged exclusively in LG phones, starting with Optimus LG 2X in his debut next month in Europe," wrote an official statement LG. So how much does it cost? In the UK mobile phone that would sell GBP 470 (approximately Rp 6.4 million). 

Armed with Tegra processors pembesut 2, which developed the graphics processor, NVidia, LG Optimus 2X touted high-performance, yet again coupled with powerful multimedia features. The phone is claimed to be very smooth doing web browsing and running various applications, allowing users to perform various tasks quickly.
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News, Android Dual Core LG Will Present in Early 2011 - All About Android