Motorola Prepare New Smartphone OS?

SAN FRANCISCO - Motorola did not want to be too dependent on Android. They reportedly have recruited experts to develop the operating system a new OS

Motorola's mobile division, Motorola Mobility, reportedly was working on the latest operating system for smartphones. U.S. companies that are believed to have been hired dropout Apple and Adobe's engineers during the last nine months to develop the OS.

This statement came from Information Week, which quoted from the words of Deutsche Bank analyst in San Francisco, Jonathan Goldberg, and reported by Cellular News Legal through Friday (03/25/2011).

So far, Motorola is quite faithful to the Android platform to support their smartphone. Although the company assured of support but by implication they are not denied if there is an effort to make the OS itself.

To Information Week, Goldberg did not say how long Motorola's efforts to make the OS, and how big their seriousness to use alternatives to the Android OS.

"They do not want to give the impression that the company return to the old world, when they develop a 50 million operating system at a time. They are very careful about this," said Goldberg.

It said Goldberg, an alternative OS that will be based on web technology, which if based on standard HTML 5 it will make web developers more easily navigate the web of existing applications from Apple to Android and Motorola devices. (srn)
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