Android Applications Can Run in the Playbook and the BlackBerry?

Android Applications Can Run in the Playbook and the BlackBerry?
A tremendous step done RIM. According to several reliable sources, as quoted by website BGR, the BlackBerry smartphone is rumored that the vendors that can be planted was exploring the possibility of Android applications on BlackBerry devices.

Just note that RIM had previously tried to find out how far
the Java-based application capable of working on QNX tablet and its futuresmartphones. And, then RIM also publicly stated that it saw the possibility that the Java Virtual Machine capable of running onPlaybook, tablet PCs garapannya. However, for some reason, theRIM had not yet decided to adopt the Java VM in its product.

Now, according to these sources, RIM divert sorotannya to DalvikVirtual Machine, which estimated the Canadian manufacturer willadopt Dalvik later on the device that will dibesutnya. Interestingly,Dalvik virtual machine is also used on the Android operatingsystem.

As a result, if RIM will be adopted Dalvik Virtual Machine thencertainly on the creation tools such as Playbook and other QNX-based devices will be able to run all the applications developed forthe Android platform.

So, at least two scenarios if this plan would be taken RIM. First,RIM Dalvik VM using open source without involving Google. Whilethe second, RIM to establish an agreement with Google. Well, if it turns out the second scenario is taken, it is not impossible that RIMis not simply the product will be able to run applications based on Android, but it can also display distinctive features such asAndroid Market Andoid, Gmail, Google Maps and other Googleapplications.

Is RIM dared take this step? we wait for its development.
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