Android and Windows 7 Phone Invincible

From the results of the competition hacking (hacking) against a number of leading mobile phone operating system, applications from Google Android and Windows 7 Phone is like the skin is hard shelled nuts.

It only took two days for hackers to break into Apple's operating system and BlackBerry in three days Pwn2Own hacking competition last week, while Android and Windows 7 Phone can not be hacked until the contest ends.

Is it because the two operating systems it is more secure? The answer is yes and no, yes because it proved not to be uprooted within three days of competition, not because hackers might take longer to get to break.

"Security of a target in Pwn2Own not automatically declare it's safer than the target that had uprooted," said the winner of the competition Pwn2Own - that targets Internet Explorer - years ago, Peter Vreugdenhil, warned.

The contestants who competed for Android devices and WP7 defeat in the competition was surrendered because of various reasons, Vreugdenhil said as reported by CNN.

Pwn2Own, now in its fifth year, is a hacking competition is divided into two areas: the web browser and mobile phone (mobile).

This year's competition puts Microsoft's IE 8, Apple Safari 5.0.3, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome as a target for the category of a web browser. Venue phone category targeted Dell Pro (Windows Phone 7), Apple iPhone 4 (IOS), Torch BlackBerry 9800 (BlackBerry 6) and Nexus S (Android) as a target.

Versions of the OS and the browser is frozen (no longer updated) last week, so like the latest Apple Safari version 5.0.4 is not used, to ensure that all contestants are working on the same version of each OS.

"Pwning and Owning" occurs when hackers beat a frozen version of it. If exploitation is still firmware they use today, they are entitled to prize money. This competition was held on 9 to 11 March.

Vreugdenhil said many different factors that determine how hard a target to be hacked. There is a security device in the software itself, and how much research has been done (which could accelerate efforts to contestants in the exploitation).

The web browser Firefox and Google Chrome is not invincible because the contestants give up.

While Safari, Chrome, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry all use WebKit in their browser, which means that they are all vulnerable to be exploited through the browser - and actually that's how the iPhone and BlackBerry attacked.

Charlie Miller, a veteran Pwn2Own, along with Dion Blazakis hacked iPhone 4 in this year's competition exploit weaknesses Mobile Safari browser and a "specially-crafted web page" (which created a web page-specific).

One team of three people (Vincenzo Lozzo, Willem Pinckaers, and Ralf Philipp Weinmenn) beat BlackBerry Torch uses the same technique.

Vreugdenhil and other organizers were not surprised that the iPhone can be hacked quickly. The device has become a prime target and many studies have been done on that platform.

Resilience Android little surprising because it also as a main target and there are four contestants who attacked him.

Although there is no device that can not be hacked, several factors contribute to the safety of the product.

For those who want to find the safest mobile phone on the market, Vreugdenhil said that the need to compare features such as DEP (Data Execution Prevention), ASLR (address space layout randomization), and sandboxing.
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