How to Enable GPS device android

To enable gps on android device is not too difficult as we imagine, to enable GPS in android application (for mobile phones already support GPS), if your phone does not have this feature then it can use this application even if your phone is an android phone.
This application is very petrified in determining the position and suitable for use while traveling out of the area. This application also shows nearest road to reach the destination place.
At the time of this application is enabled, the phone screen will appear and the position of the GPS mobile phone users who are on the street looking tempatinya and can be set to the distance like a long distance or short distance. -->
Here's how to set android GPS applications
 1. First, go to the "Homescreen" if it can not be done by pressing the "Home" on your android phone.
 2. After the first step, now go into the menu by pressing the "Menu"
 3. Furthermore, there will be several options in the menu button, select the "Settings" which can then be selected the "Location"
 4. In this menu you can perform the settings by going to "My Location". Before activating this application, must first activate the GPS type.
5. GPS type provided is Use Wireless Network and Use GPS Satellite choose one of the GPS in accordance with the you.
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