Advantages and new features of Android 4.1 As Jelly Bean follows

Advantages and new features of Android 4.1 As Jelly Bean follows: 1. Full chrome browser, feature that offers surf in cyberspace with a tablet computer or smartphone to surf properly with the chrome on PC or computer. Jelly Bean on Android Chrome Browser has been enhanced to match the service at PC / Computer using the Smartphone must have been tailored to your Android Smartphone screen. 2. Dual boot, a remarkable advantage with dual boot feature that allows us to use two operating systems on one computer device. 3. Better File Manager, In previous versions of Android have a file manager or data manager which can be downloaded on Android 4.1 Android market at Jelly Bean is facilitated by the availability of direct user file manager when using Android Jelly Bean without having to download and install third-party file manager in the Android market. .advertisement 4. Virtual keyboard, virtual keyboard features There are better and have been updated. Virtual keyboard facilitates the writing process by replacing the character and hurud (QWERTY) to numbers and symbols by pressing the button a little bit longer until a change of the virtual keyboard. 5. The operating system is lighter, reportedly Jelly Bean Android operating system will be lighter with the performance in accessing the application on Smartphone / faster computer. 6. Battery-saving, useful feature where the problem is common in almost every Smartphone is wasteful batteries. To be more economical and efficient battery-powered Android Jelly bean specific applications immerse the battery saver / power saver battery directly bult-in without having to download in the Android market
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